Super Premium Food


Australian Lamb and Duck have been specifically selected as the main protein sources in Heel Adult, Growth and Light formulations combined with prime natural ingredients including rice which is the least allergenic of all grains. These ingredients provoke fewer allergic reactions from dogs that may develop a hyper-sensitivity to common food allergens such as wheat, beef and chicken.

For dogs that suffer from sensitive skin or stomachs, our Heel Sensitive may be the perfect solution with Australian grown wholegrain sorghum as the base, combined with Australian kangaroo and duck as unique protein sources. This formulation is boosted with an extra dose of unique Omega Magic (TM) Oil Blend as well as prebiotics to promote long term intestinal health, thereby stimulating and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Why choose Heel?

  • High quality meat – no by-products
  • Wheat and preservative free
  • Low allergy formula
  • Highly digestible (less poo)
  • Lower fat content than most super premium brands
  • Costs less than imported super premium brands
  • Tempts fussy eaters
  • All natural ingredients
  • Australian made and owned!
  • Heel is a vet-supply-only SP dog food that is 20+ years in the market – we simply use our own label to reach the wider pet community at a more competitive price.

Try it and compare the results with your current food. You will see the difference.


This food has made the world of difference for our Beagles. We met Kristy at a dog show and told her all the issues our dogs had with stomach and skin problems. We had tried everything to help them and spent a lot of money with vets with still no answer. This food is fantastic for our dogs. Thank you again.

Nicole Solano, Marrickville NSW

My dog has always been a fussy eater and with her sensitive stomach I watch what I feed her. I always read the ingredients and I’ve tried many ‘premium’ products such as Hills Science Diet and Advance but she didn’t like them or any of the others I bought. Last year at the Dog Lovers Show I took home 2 samples of Heel – Adult & Sensitive. I expected her to turn her nose up at them like all the other samples I took home that day, but she not only ate it (very quickly!) but she came looking for more! This is the first food product that she has enjoyed and happily eaten every day since.
In the 8 weeks since I first bought Heel Adult she has chomped through almost 5kg of it – that’s unbelievable! Her coat is really soft and shiny too.

My parents comment on it every time they visit us, they’re amazed at it’s improvement. So thank you Dog Wash Cafe for producing such a wonderful product in Heel. I’m happy because it is made from high quality ingredients and has passed the test with my fussy eater, and my dog is happy too.

Stasia Reynolds, Croydon Park NSW

Heel Sensitive is by far the best dog food I have ever given my dog Shadow, it suits her sensitive stomach and has helped improve her sensitive skin.

There is also much less waste (poo) to clean up and it’s less smelly. I would highly recommend Heel Sensitive or any other Heel products for your family’s pooch.

Natalie Warren, Yowie Bay NSW

My dogs have been using Heel Super Premium for 6 months now and I find that Heel has improved various aspects of their bodies, especially in my 13 year old dog who has pancreatitis and is very sensitive to most foods. He doesn’t seem to have any negative effects with Heel and in fact seems to quite enjoy it.

Initially the only negative I could see with Heel was that both dogs appeared to be having difficulty when doing their poop e.g. they looked constipated. However I soon managed that issue by simply soaking the food in warm water till the kibble is soft and now they go to the toilet with ease, and the poop doesn’t smell at all!

Other noticeable benefits: their breath smells great, their fur is shiny and they seem to be a lot brighter and energetic. Even though I have always fed my dogs super premium brands, I find that Heel is definitely the most healthy for them and I haven’t used any other brand since.

Linda Kelaart, Miranda NSW

Our Cavoodle, Toby, devours Heel Sensitive and looks all the better for it. Friends are always commenting on how soft Toby’s coat is and with
minimal grooming done at home, we feel it must be what he is eating.

Tara Cambridge, Burraneer NSW

Prime Pet Food

Prime Petfood is all about freshness and high quality ingredients. We proudly stock and recommend their Single Protein Diet (SPD) range and Skin & Digestion (Sk-D200) range. These Prime products comply with AAFCO standards and are also vet recommended.

These ranges include

  • Kangaroo & Potato roll (Sk-D200)
  • Lamb & Rosemary roll (SPD)
  • Chicken & Brown Rice roll (SPD)
  • Crocodile & Tapioca roll (SPD)
  • NEW Kangaroo & Pumpkin roll (Sk-D200)

They too are Australian made & owned.


BARF Flavours Available;

  • Kangaroo
  • White Composite (Chicken, Turkey, Fish)
  • Red Composite (Beef, lamb)
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
  • Organic Chicken
  • Duck
  • NEW organic turkey necks