Fly Repellent Pack


Are the flies hanging around your dog? This pack contains what you need start eliminating them immediately by repelling them from your dog and attracting them a sticky trap.



Fly Repellent Pack will help combat those frustrating flies that are attacking our dogs. This pack contains items that will both repel flies from your dog’s body and trap them on a attracting trap.

With summer approaching, flies are on the increase and all it takes is a little dog poo and leftover food for them to multiply in numbers quickly. A dog’s ears are more at risk because the hair is thinner in this area and the blood vessels are close to the skin.

The Fly Repellent Pack includes;
– one 500mL bottle of Cotex Multi-Purpose Insecticidal Spray for dogs & horses
– one box of 5 insect glue traps – double sided, no poison, attracts and sticks small insect pests
– one of our handmade bandanas

Dampen┬áthe bandana with approx 6 squirts of Cotex spray & tie the bandana gently around the┬ádog’s neck (you can also spray directly onto your dog’s fur & ears). You may need to top the bandana up with another squirt every couple of days.
Hang the insect glue trap up high above where your dog spends much of his day.
You can further assist the process by keeping on top of the poo pickup in your yard as well as removing uneaten dog food.

We have been using this very same spray for more than 15 years and happily recommend it. It also works to control fleas, lice and the adult brown tick.
We’ve tried a few insect glue traps and have found these to be really effective too.



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Weight 0.99 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 16 cm